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Do you cater for special diets?

We are always keen to cater for vegetarians and vegans and include a number of choices on our breakfast menu. If you have special dietary requirements – gluten free /coeliac, or dairy free/lactose intolerant or others – we are happy to discuss our food and ingredients with you to ensure that we will be able to give you a suitable and tasty breakfast. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to check and to let us know how we can help.

Can you describe Scarborough in three words?

Beautiful. Quirky. Unique. Scarborough really is special, and there’s nowhere else like it. So the answer is, ‘No, I can’t describe Scarborough in three words.’ I can’t even say ‘I can’t describe Scarborough in three words,’ in three words.

What is your music policy?

We believe that music is a crucial part of any seaside break. As a result we provide a jukebox in the guests’ lounge with a selection of music in keeping with its own era (to the end of the Seventies). As the jukebox is now showing its age and sometimes refuses to play any records it hasn’t chosen itself (like a Dad saying, ‘Turn that rubbish off’) we also have a vinyl record player with a wide range of LPs for your listening pleasure. At breakfast time, and even at other times, you will hear great sounds in the dining room – and if you have any particular taste then please let us know because we fully believe that, when it comes to breakfast, getting the music right is as important as getting the eggs right. We have a PRS licence to play music for guests.

Do you love Scarborough?

Yes. And we want you to enjoy being in Scarborough as much as we do. Whether you are new to Scarborough or whether you’ve been coming here all your life we are happy to suggest things to see and do that will add to your visit. And we welcome your suggestions too – we are always discovering new places that people staying with us have told us about.

I’ve been to Scarborough before and thought it was rubbish, why was this?

First of all, you mustn’t blame yourself for thinking this. This is something that can happen to people who sat in a traffic jam all the way along the A64, left glorious weather behind a couple of miles from the coast and arrived during a sea fret, dropped their ice cream down their front and then lost all their money by trying to win a pile of two pence pieces in the amusements. Have a look at our introduction to Scarborough and ‘Twenty five things to do in Scarborough’ and you’ll discover more of what Scarborough is really all about (and it can include the A64, sea frets, ice cream and two pence pieces).

Do you believe that the rooms in seaside B&Bs should be crammed with all sorts of frilly and flowery stuff and have knitted covers on the spare toilet rolls?

There is an argument that if the room isn’t crammed with frilly and flowery stuff, then it isn’t really a B&B. We don’t agree, we think it’s more important to have a comfortable bed and a good breakfast. A knitted loo roll cover is available on request though.

Why The Waves?

Early in the morning, or late in the evening, when the sun is about to break through the haze, walk down to the beach below us and stand toe to toe with the biggest wave. Look out to sea, and wonder. Whatever the weather, the waves are beautiful, and they never stop. However you feel, you’ll feel better by watching the waves. And in the same way, we feel better by being The Waves.

Do you have a sea view?

Technically, yes; really, no. You can see a small patch of sea from the guests’ lounge and from one of the bedrooms – but we wouldn’t claim it was a sea view. However, we are so close to the sea that you can often smell it from the front door – and the view of the castle and South Bay to the north, and the sweep of cliffs south towards Filey Brigg and Flamborough Lighthouse is unrivalled in any seaside town in Britain. It’s such a magnificent view that we recommend nothing beats the two minute walk to the Esplanade to experience it in full, whereas to look at it all the time out of your bedroom window would be overdoing it, both spiritually and financially.

Do you have parking?

Free parking is included in your stay and there is plenty of street parking available on Esplanade Road so you will usually be able to park right outside. We will give you a permit for parking for the length of your stay – whether you are arriving early or leaving late. We also have a private driveway.

Is there somewhere good to eat nearby?

We love Tuscany Too, an Italian restaurant which is just two minutes walk from The Waves and serves great food in a restaurant with a relaxing ambience. There are other places to eat a few minutes away in the South Cliff area, and we are only a 15-20 minute walk to the town centre and the Foreshore where there are plenty of options to eat. We’re happy to make suggestions for places to eat and visit either when you book or when you arrive.

Are there any good pubs nearby?

There are a couple of great real ale pubs, The Valley Bar and The Cellars about a ten minute walk away. The Cellars often has live music on, and The Cask, which is also nearby, is home to the jazz and blues clubs so often has music on too. There are also pubs and bars, including the bars of bigger hotels, on The Esplanade a few minutes from The Waves.

Is The Waves B&B accommodation near the Scarborough Spa Complex?

There aren’t many places closer to The Spa than we are. The Spa Complex is at sea level and we are a couple of hundred metres back from the cliff top above the Spa. A cliff lift runs up and down the cliffs to the Spa or there is a cliff path, lit at night, that winds down the cliff so it is just a few minutes to walk down there. The cliff lift usually runs until at least 15 minutes after the finish of any events at the Spa.

There are all sorts of activities taking place at The Spa – from Rotary conferences and vintage fairs to Rock n Roll, Northern Soul and dance weekends, not to mention shows, bands and performances by comedians and the famous Scarborough Spa Orchestra.

How long will it take to walk to the town centre?

You can see exactly where we are on the Google map at the bottom of this page and there are directions to The Waves on our Location page.

The most direct route into the town centre is a 10-15 minute walk over the Valley Bridge. The more scenic walk along the Esplanade and over the Spa footbridge probably takes 15-20 minutes. It is probably a ten minute walk down to the nearest part of the beach on the South Bay, and then another 10-15 minutes to walk along to the Foreshore.

Are you near the Stephen Joseph Theatre?

We are a 10-15 minute walk from the Stephen Joseph Theatre – the theatre is at the top of the town centre directly opposite the station. The SJT is fantastic and well worth a visit – see more about it on our Attractions page.

It is a very short taxi ride or drive to the theatre – and during the evenings there is plenty of parking on the Valley Bridge which is just a couple of minutes from the theatre.

How far is it to the beach?

The Waves is a couple of hundred metres back from the cliff top above the South Bay beach – there are cliff paths down to the beach (passing the fantastic Clock Cafe) or you can take the Cliff Lift (the first of it’s kind in the world). The beach near us is quiet, with many rock pools and is great for children. There are also beach chalets (which are set back from the beach) available to hire for the week or for single days. The other end of South Bay, towards the harbour, is the more ‘seasidey’ part of the bay with the donkeys, ice creams, fish and chips and amusement arcades – that is a 10-15 minute walk along the beach.

What is there to do in the area?

Scarborough is a combination of all sorts of things – it’s a great place to enjoy in it’s own right and it’s a great location to explore North Yorkshire and the Wolds. Scarborough remains the classic British seaside resort and, as it always has been, it is the most beautiful seaside town in the country (if you think there’s somewhere better let us know – we haven’t found one). Unlike somewhere like Brighton or Southwold, or even Whitby, Scarborough hasn’t become gentrified. Scarborough retains the elements of the traditional seaside holiday that are still exciting for children and nostalgic for adults, but as well as great fish and chips and ice cream and seaside entertainment, the place is brimming with fantastic places to eat and drink, exciting theatre and arts, beautiful unspoilt coastline and countryside, and always that incredible view of the South Bay and castle.

See Attractions for some ideas of things to do – and let us know if there are particular activities you would like to know more about.

Can we book to stay at The Waves on,,

At present we don’t have bookings available through,, laterooms,,, If any of those sites show us as having no availability that isn’t reliable because our availability isn’t registered with them.

Similarly, Trip Advisor,, may show availability for other accommodation from our listing even though we may have rooms available.

The only surefire way to check our availability is via the booking section of our website here or by calling us on 01723 373658.

Are there reviews of The Waves on

We have had some really nice reviews on Trip Advisor and many thanks to those who have taken the time to review us. You can link to our Trip Advisor review and also see pages from our Visitors’ Book on our Reviews page.

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