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St David’s Day

I’ve got daffodils in the hall and spring is just around the corner.  It’s St David’s Day today, time to celebrate all things Welsh, both Phil and I have welsh relatives so I am enjoying the daffodil brightness decorating our home and the memories warming my heart.  I remember ticklling the trout in the streams in Brecon and my Nanny proudly showing off her grandchildren to her Welsh relatives.

The sun is out today on the South Cliff and the sky is blue, Jessie and I strolled out through the Italian Gardens and the crocus and daffodils are peaking out of the ground daring to show their splendour.  The ocean is beautiful today and the surfers in their wet suits are daring the waves.

As I return to The Waves our home made bread is smelling beautiful and I am looking forward to a nice cup of tea.  Jessie has only one thing on her mind and that’s food!!!

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Snow at The Waves Bed and Breakfast

Snow has arrived and Jessie and I ventured forth with our snow boots on this morning. The coastline looks spectacular in the snow, its going to be wild later with the possiblity of floods so the sandbags are out in town. I have some hot soup for later!! We are sprucing the place up ready to open in February so enjoying the advantages of working from home.waves winter

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Merry Xmas

xmas by the sea
We have been away in Australia visiting our daughter and returned last week to lovely Scarborough. We would like to wish all our guests past, present and future a very Merry Xmas and a fabulous 2017. We hope to see you in Scarborough at The Waves for a short break or a longer exploration of this lovely part of North Yorkshire. We arrived back to Xmas cards and party invitations which was really lovely as we have only been here a year. Jessie the kelpie cross is surviving another English winter and we are enjoying the coastal walks rugged up and the hot cup of Yorkshire tea tastes even better at the end of the journey (together with a Waves home made cookie of course). See you next year!!!

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Sensational Summer at The Waves

What a sensational summer it has been. The weather has been fabulous and many of our guests look like they have been on the Costa del Scarborough, or Scarbados as locals call it!! Sunkissed and happy they have returned to their homes with tales of how much they love Scarborough. We have had many visitors for the first time to Scarborough this summer and they have all loved it, many of them can’t believe that they have not visited before and plan to return. We have had interesting visitors and reception has often looked like a scene from a historical movie, we have had medieval musicians participating in the fabulous Medieval festival at Scarborough Castle, there have been morris dancers participating in Seafest and guests with their Northern Soul dancing gear on for The Northern Soul week end. This is only a few many more come to mind tatooists for the Spa Tatoo Festival and musicians playing at The Cask to name a few oh and of course lets not forget The Cricket!!
Regular visitors have been audience members for the wonderful Stephen Joseph Theatre who have had a great season and I must not forget the fantastic Outdoor Theatre this year what a great year of wonderful acts we have had. With all this choice and the new Alpamare together with our beautiful scenery, beaches and proximity to the North Yorkshire visitor attractions we have been bowled over by how much Scarborough has to offer. We are hoping for an Indian summer and good weather long into September so that we can all enjoy the balmy days a bit longer and sitting out in this beautiful spot at South Cliff is a real joy. My trusty hound has enjoyed swimming in the ocean as have lots of other dogs by the look of the beach at South bay!!! The Jazz week end at the Spa is coming up and we are looking forward to seeing some class acts and meeting some of our regular guests who love Jazz. Thanks to all our guests who have made this summer a really memorable one and we look forward to seeing you again and meeting new guests in the Autumn and 2017.

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Gaggle of Guest House owners visit Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs

I visited Bempton Cliffs at the other side of Filey last week. We had a great time getting there by train and arrived at Bempton on mass and enjoyed the walk to the Bempton Cliffs RSPB centre. The work that has been completed on making the paths accessible and refurbishing the information centre is fantastic. The staff made us very welcome and the guides were very informative about the birds. The birds are of course fantastic and we all took our binoculars and were not disappointed to see many birds sitting on their nests and of course the endangered puffins were spotted with much excitement. I would recommend this fantastic opportunity to see the birds are close quarters to anyone coming to the coast, if you are interested in nature and birds it is a must. The new pathways make it possible to view the birds in wheelchairs and are accessible to young and old.

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Stage 3 Tour de Yorkshire

We are excited at The Waves as we have four cyclist guests competing tomorrow – I hope the weather is kind and the last leg goes well. Wishing you all the best ride from The Waves B&B, Chris and Phil

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The Waves to Cayton Bay on a sunny day

Wednesday 20 April was a beautiful day, everything looks better in the sunshine and the coast walk to Cayton Bay was looking good!! Phil and I set off at 9.30 and it did not take long before we were on top of the cliff and looking back towards Scaroborough and The Spa, the vista is beautiful from the hilltop near the golf Course. We arrived at Cayton Bay at about 11.15 and delighted in the Cayton Bay beach. I have been to Cayton Bay once before when I was about 6 years old but I had not remembered what a lovely beach this was. When we arrived a woman obviously inspired by the sunshine was doing her Yoga on the beach and a long boarder was ploughing into the surf, the dogs had an extra spring in their step and all was well with the world. I make a mental note to myself to send a picture to my disparaging Australian friends who think that the North is all chimneys and flat caps!!!south cliff to cayton bay

cleveland way to cayton bay

cayton bay beach

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Puffins at Bempton Cliffs

puffins at Brempton Cliffts
Thank you Cate Walker our lovely guest last week for sharing her sighting of the puffins at Bempton Cliffs, a treat for all ages!!

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Beach Life in Scarborough

beach life in scarborough

Each afternoon as I walk to the beach from The Waves with my trusty dog Jessie I am struck by the difference in the light and the ocean on this beautiful coastline at South Cliff Scarborough.

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Flying Scotsmen comes to Scarborough

flying scotsman image
What a great week it was in Scarborough last week we had a visit from the beautiful Flying Scotsmen looking resplendent. As I walked to the station from The Waves I remembered the first time I saw the Flying Scotsmen with my Grandad when it visited York Station in the 70s. There is a timetable for the route from Pickering on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and won’t that be a delight to do the route on this magnificent train. The daffodils are peaking through in South Cliff Gardens and there is definitely a promise of spring in the air in Scarborough. I spotted some lambs and piglets on the route to York today so warmer weather is just around the corner.

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